STCA (soft tissue cephalometric analysis)

Written by : Dr. Rania AlRaddadi ..

Dear all,

Attached is an article that discusses STCA (soft tissue cephalometric analysis).

I think some of us already came across it but I thought I would share it anyway.

Now I understand that we always say that ceph readings are only numbers and that we should always look at the patient clinically, but I still think that this is a good article because most of the time we rely on photographs to diagnose which are not always standard or accurate. Using the ceph (which we already take routinely for each patient) might aid in our diagnosis process.

This paper also emphasizes the effect of hard tissue changes that reflect on soft tissue.

Again this might not be your best tool in the clinic as taking all those measurements does consume time but personally I enjoyed reading it so I hope you all do too.

Thank you.


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