TIPS : Condylar Hypertrophy and Mandibular asymmetry

Tip by Prof.Fahad Alsolaimani :

Asymetric manibular appearnce can be caused by unilateral overgrowth of one condyle.The overgrowth can be due to Rheumatic Artheritis , Trauma or inflammation of the condyle (s).

Mandibular condylar hyperplasia ( CH ) is a condition that causes excessive growth of the condylar head and neck , as well as the mandible , creating functional and cosmetic deformities of the face and jaw .

Signs of unilateral Condylar hyperplasia (most common):

1. Deviation of the mandible to the opposite side of the condyle that has overgrowth. ( I.e if overgrowth on left condyle , deviation will be toward the right ).

2.Larger condyle on OPG.

3.Inferior  dental canal is bowed on the affected side.

4. Rounded angle of the mandible.

5.Increased height of the ramus on the affected side.

6. Cant of occlusion.

In bilateral condylar overgrowth (rare):

There will be a growth of the mandible more toward Class III malocclusion ( Prognathic mandible).

Treatment Options :

According to the clinical situation.

1. Condylectomy.

2. Condylar shaving.

3.Ramus osteotomy.

More about the topic :

1. Management of facial and dental asymmetry. 

2. A case of right hemimandibular hypertrophy treated by high condylectomy of the right side.

3. A case of facial asymmetry due to condylar hyperplasia.


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