Ortho Supplies Phone Directory

This is a directory of some dental supplies companies in Jeddah / Saudi Arabia.

If you have got more numbers kindely write it in the comments below to add it later in the table.

Ortho Supplies

Phone Directory

Company Phone Number 1/Name Phone Number 2
Basheer Shakeeb 0126700430 0126710411
 AlRazi  MrAla’a ( 0532400812)  0126571717


 Forestadent  Waseem  0537120911
 3M  Mohmd Fawzi  0597707619
 Mohammed Toaima  0547827822
 Qomel Damon Ahmed Desowkey  0551107030
 Zaher  0548923497
 Zaher email  zaher.qomel@yahoo.com
 AlTurkey  0126326116  0126318010
Albatarji  0126602933
 Alajaji  0126309990  0565130890
 Jeddah Dental


 0506890186  0126685994



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