Finishing Cases with Class III Molars

Comment by Dr. Rania AlRaddadi ..

I want to attach a paper of 3 case reports which discusses different scenarios which all finished with Class III molars.

I think that the paper is beneficial in terms of expanding our horizon when it comes to different treatment options, especially and as we all know that the introduction of extraction treatment by Tweed made Angle’s sagittal molar relationship less critical in orthodontics.

The paper will follow.


Download paper 1 here

UPDATE 29/11/2016 : A new article related to the same topic is shared by Dr. Khalid Zawawi and Dr.Ehdaa Elshawley . Thanks to them.

Download paper 2 here

Bluegrass appliance

Comments by : Dr. Waleed Farran ..

Bluegrass appliance
Bluegrass appliance

Bluegrass appliance is a habit controller device.

Here is a link of an article on bluegrass appliance.

A Retrospective Study of the Use of the Bluegrass Appliance in the Cessation of Thumb Habits (pdf).

TIPS : General guidelines for Class III Management.

Tips by Prof. Ali Habeeb ..

Summerized by : Dr. Hani Alhebshi


First :Seek the cause of class III discrepancy , whether it is skeletal or dental ?  Using clinical examination and diagnostic records ; A deficiency in maxilla ,a prognathism in the mandible or both can be addressed.Checking functional shift or Psudo Class III by guiding mandible to Centric relation.

Second : The developmental age of the patient will determine the way of management. Continue reading TIPS : General guidelines for Class III Management.

Borderline Class III cases : Surgery vs. Camouflage.

Written by : Dr. Rania Alraddadi ..

Dear all,

I just wante d to summarize what we discussed today regarding the treatment decision in borderline Class III cases:

Surgery vs. Camouflage:

Factors to consider:

1- Extra oral exam including both profile and frontal views (is the mandible big? In AP? In transverse including the symmetry and In vertical?).

2- Family history. Continue reading Borderline Class III cases : Surgery vs. Camouflage.