Surgery First Approach

Written by : Dr. Rania Alraddadi ..

Surgery First Approach

Dear all,

I wanted to share this article discussing this approach which is a systematic review.

In summary:

As we are all aware of its limitations and of the importance of case selection, the two major advantages for this approach are:

1- The immediate facial and esthetic improvement which is reflected on the patient’s psychological status.

2- The accelerated postoperative tooth movement as explained by the “RAP” phenomenon.

I also wanted to add some selection criteria for this approach which were mentioned by the maxillofacial team in our school:

1- Class III

2- No crowding

3- Flat curve of Spee

Have a great weekend!

Click here to download the article !


One thought on “Surgery First Approach”

  1. By Prof. Ali Habib ..

    Good article, but I don’t  like the idea of RAP. Most of the cuts they do in orthognathic surgery are away from the teeth and in order to accelerate tooth movement, you need to have the RAP induced next to the teeth to be moved. Read the articles by Seboun et al and also by Beloul et al . 

    Ali Habib Hassan BDS PHD
    Professor and Consultant of Orthodontics 


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