Orthodontic Elastics

Summarized by Dr. Hani Alhebshi …

The following information are summarized mainly from an article titled “Elastics in orthodontics: a review” by VP Singh
, PR Pokhrael , K Pariekh , DK Roy, A Singla , KP Biswas as referenced at the end of this post.

Elastics are widely used in different clinical situations.

Elastics have an internal diameter usually measured in a unit of an inch like 1/8 of inch.

The thickness of the elastic band will affect the force it delivers.As the thickness increases the force delivered increases.

rubber bands dimentions

How long should the elastics be stretched to get the desired force ?

The standard force index employed by suppliers indicates that at three times the original lumen size, elastics will exert the force stated on the package. Continue reading Orthodontic Elastics