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TIPS : Condylar Hypertrophy and Mandibular asymmetry

Tip by Prof.Fahad Alsolaimani :

Asymetric manibular appearnce can be caused by unilateral overgrowth of one condyle.The overgrowth can be due to Rheumatic Artheritis , Trauma or inflammation of the condyle (s).

Mandibular condylar hyperplasia ( CH ) is a condition that causes excessive growth of the condylar head and neck , as well as the mandible , creating functional and cosmetic deformities of the face and jaw .

Signs of unilateral Condylar hyperplasia (most common):

1. Deviation of the mandible to the opposite side of the condyle that has overgrowth. ( I.e if overgrowth on left condyle , deviation will be toward the right ). Continue reading TIPS : Condylar Hypertrophy and Mandibular asymmetry