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Diagostic and clinical useful tips

TIPS : General guidelines for Class III Management.

Tips by Prof. Ali Habeeb ..

Summerized by : Dr. Hani Alhebshi


First :Seek the cause of class III discrepancy , whether it is skeletal or dental ?  Using clinical examination and diagnostic records ; A deficiency in maxilla ,a prognathism in the mandible or both can be addressed.Checking functional shift or Psudo Class III by guiding mandible to Centric relation.

Second : The developmental age of the patient will determine the way of management. Continue reading TIPS : General guidelines for Class III Management.

TIPS : Condylar Hypertrophy and Mandibular asymmetry

Tip by Prof.Fahad Alsolaimani :

Asymetric manibular appearnce can be caused by unilateral overgrowth of one condyle.The overgrowth can be due to Rheumatic Artheritis , Trauma or inflammation of the condyle (s).

Mandibular condylar hyperplasia ( CH ) is a condition that causes excessive growth of the condylar head and neck , as well as the mandible , creating functional and cosmetic deformities of the face and jaw .

Signs of unilateral Condylar hyperplasia (most common):

1. Deviation of the mandible to the opposite side of the condyle that has overgrowth. ( I.e if overgrowth on left condyle , deviation will be toward the right ). Continue reading TIPS : Condylar Hypertrophy and Mandibular asymmetry

Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on the vertical dimension.

Written by : Dr. Rania Alraddadi.

Dear all,

Another topic that we constantly discuss is the effect of rapid maxillary expansion on the vertical dimension.

It was shown that in the long term the  side effects on the vertical dimension are actually minimum.

Here is a systematic review: that argues the real long term benefits claimed by bonded RPE users.

According to them, even after the use of bonded RPE, some vertical adverse effects are inevitable. They explained that the vertical change is not caused by buccal tipping of maxillary molars only (which can be controlled by using bonded RPE) but also caused by the whole maxilla being displaced downward. So it was suggested that in cases where vertical dimension is critically sensitive, the use of vertical pull chin cup (or I would also add high pull HG) might be an option.

TIPS : Interceptive Treatment

Weekly-Tips-ImageTips by Prof. Ali Habeeb :

When patients comes to clinic in early mixed dentition and after addressing the problems that patient has  , we should ask :

Is this  the RIGHT TIME to start treatment?

if not , then we should just go for two phases of treatment plan.

1st phase is to just interfere to prevent future problems like correcting anterior crossbite or urgently provide space for delayed unerrupted upper lateral incisor or using a lingual arch or TPA to prevent mesial migration of permenant molars if early loss of upper Es has occured ….etc.
Continue reading TIPS : Interceptive Treatment