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Nonsurgical RME (Haas) in Adults , is it reliable?

This post is prepared in collaboration with Dr. Maali Faqeeh ..

The results of the following papers indicate that nonsurgical RME in adults is a clinically successful and safe method for correcting transverse maxillary arch deficiency though it was thought to be an unreliable procedure.

1. Nonsurgical Rapid Maxillary Expansion in Adults: Report on 47 Cases Using the Haas Expander.

2. Nonsurgical Rapid Maxillary Alveolar Expansion in Adults: A clinical evaluation.

Bluegrass appliance

Comments by : Dr. Waleed Farran ..

Bluegrass appliance
Bluegrass appliance

Bluegrass appliance is a habit controller device.

Here is a link of an article on bluegrass appliance.

A Retrospective Study of the Use of the Bluegrass Appliance in the Cessation of Thumb Habits (pdf).