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Growth Mechanisms and regulation theories : A summary

Summarized by Dr.Hani Alhebshi ..

The aim of this summary is to outline the basic mechanisms and regulation theories  to be as a quick reference of craniofacial growth and development. More details can be found in the bottom of this summary when references are listed.


Craniofacial Mechanisms are devided into 4 components :

  • Growth Mechanisms ( How bone is formed ).
  • Growth Pattern ( change of size and shape of bone).
  • Growth Rate ( Speed at which bone is formed).
  • Regulation Mechanisms that regulate those three factors.


Growth Mehanisms :

Ossification of bone occurs in two ways :

  • Endochondral Ossification : Cartilage transformed into bone.
  • Intramembranous Ossification : Mesenchymal connective tissue is transformed into bone by deposition of bone on existing bone surfaces.

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